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September 1, 2023

Self-Storage Tips for Back to School

Self-storage is quickly becoming one of the many tools in the organizer’s toolbox. Self-storage is more than just extra attic space, it is a place for students to utilize as they traverse through their academic careers. Whether you need somewhere temporary while you wait to move into your dorm or you want to utilize it for every semester, self-storage can help you stay on the right track. We’re going to offer some tips for our college-bound customers so you can use your storage unit to make your college experience a success.

Preparing Items for Storage

Before stowing away personal items, electronics, or anything else, you first want to take the initial steps to clean and organize your belongings. Furniture and electronics should be dusted, clothes and fabrics should be washed, and anything that can be disinfected should be. This will not only make your things shiny and clean, but it will also mitigate any dinginess from being stored and will prevent pests.

Disassemble furniture and other large items, cleaning and wrapping individual pieces in packing material. This will prevent damage and save wear and tear on furniture.

Smart Packing Strategies

Pack strategically so your belongings are easy to identify and find in their corresponding containers. Utilize vertical spaces in boxes to save space in your storage unit. If you are filling a box with fragile items, stuff the empty spaces with old towels or other soft cloths to prevent breakage.

Pack like items with like items and label the boxes and containers for easy access. It will serve you well to itemize your belongings in storage. This can be simplified by taking photos on your phone. Keep and maintain a list, that way you will always know what is in your storage unit. This will also be useful in the off-chance you need to file an insurance claim.

Climate Control Storage

Consider climate-controlled storage for temperature-sensitive belongings. This is especially helpful for electronics, furniture, and other valuable possessions. With climate control, you control the temperature and humidity of your storage unit.

Further, protect your electronics by packing them with the utmost care. Use moisture-absorbing packs and wrap electronics in soft cloth and store them in plastic, airtight containers with lids.

Seasonal Storage and Switching Items

Just as semesters begin and end with the seasons, so can self-storage and how you can use it. During the holidays and semester breaks, you may have to move to a different dorm or even a different campus. When that happens, keeping your things in self-storage until the start of class is simple and convenient. You can also keep your holiday decorations in storage for future use. Keep textbooks tucked away safely until you can resell them for the next term.

Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit

The right self-storage unit will make college life easier. Whether you need a small, standard storage locker for a handful of items or a large climate-controlled storage unit for electronics, Storage Landing has the space needed for new and returning students. With tons of units to choose from in 2 locations, you are sure to find the space you need to tackle your semester.

Last-Minute Tips

  • Pack a “college essentials” box for immediate use. Think of this like a “go-bag” for your storage unit that you can quickly access.
  • Set up automatic payments on your account so you never forget to pay your bill.
  • Utilize a storage calculator so you have a strategic game plan that is ready to go when you are.

If you need a temporary space while waiting to move into your dorm or want to use it for every semester, self-storage can help keep you on track. At Storage Landing, we have storage units for you to make the most out of your semester and improve your college experience. Find what you need when you visit our website today.