Self Storage Helpful Tips to Create Space | Married Couples

September 17, 2023

Newly Married Couples and Self Storage

Getting married is an exciting new chapter in one’s life. With the union of two people comes the accumulation of many shared items such as furniture, kitchenware and personal belongings. These newlyweds find themselves in a predicament where they may not have enough space to store all their items, especially if they’re moving into a smaller apartment or house. This is where self storage can come in handy. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why newly married couples may need self storage and how it can help them overcome some of the challenges they face.

Combining of households

self storage married couples buda madisonville tx One of the most common reasons newly married couples may need self storage is the combining of two households. Whether couples decide to move in together, buy a new home or upgrade to a larger apartment, they may realize that they have too many items for their shared living space. Self storage can help to keep all those extra belongings in one location and provide more room in their home. This option can also be helpful if one or both partners need to move out of their respective homes and need to store their personal belongings temporarily.

Renovating the home

If a newlywed couple has bought a fixer-upper, they may find that entire rooms in their home need to be renovated. This may mean that they need to empty out the rooms to make space for the renovations. Self storage can provide a place to store the furniture, mattresses and other items while the work is being completed. Using self storage during the renovation process can help protect expensive household items, as well as reduce the onset of clutter that might interfere with the process.

Storing wedding gifts

After tying the knot, newlyweds will undoubtedly receive an abundance of wedding gifts. More often than not, these gifts are not merely for the two people who are getting married but for their newly shared home. This may mean that couples may not have enough space for all of these new items in their homes. Renting a self storage unit can provide a temporary place to store the gifts until couples decide what to do with them. It is important to keep in mind that some gifts may be very valuable and require secure storage, which can be facilitated by certain storage providers.

Safe storage of seasonal items

Newlyweds may move from a house where storage space is plentiful to an apartment complex that has less storage. In this case, some of their seasonal items such as holiday decorations, sports equipment and camping gear can be tucked away in self storage until they are needed again. By keeping items secure and organized, self storage can alleviate space constraints in your home and simplify life for the newly married couple.

Transitional storage option

Additionally, if a newlywed couple is between homes, they may need temporary self storage during the moving processes from one place to another. Couples can utilize self storage as a place to store their household items for a few weeks or even months in between moves, or until they are ready to move them to their new house. This is much more convenient than having to move everything you own back in with your parents or leaving it with a friend.

Help at the Start of Your Journey

Self storage can be a lifesaver for newly married couples who have more belongings than space available. Whether they want to make better use of their shared space, store seasonal items, have a temporary solution during a renovation project or transitional storage option when moving homes, self storage has many benefits. Additionally, self storage gives newlyweds peace of mind knowing that their belongings are secure and that they can access them whenever they wish. So, if you are newly married and facing a storage issue, consider renting a self storage unit. It can provide you with more room in your home and solve your storage problems in the most convenient way possible. Get started by checking out the latest Move-In Specials.